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Area Flood Protection Authority

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Application process for construction in the levee easement area (Woodward Twp)

Learn more about Lock Haven’s flood protection from WPSU’s Keystone Crossroads “Balance flood protection and fun in Pa’s river towns” by Eleanor Klibanoff.

The City maintains approximately 6.5 miles of earth levee that consists of 38 drainage structures, 1 sanitary pumping station, 5 ponding areas, 5 closure structures, and several recreation areas. The construction of the levee system was completed in October of 1994 at a cost of $84.4 million. Ground-breaking occurred in 1991.

The 5 closure structures are located at the Jay Street Bridge and the Pennsylvania Canal, with the remaining 3 structures located at spots along the railroad. The closure structures are tested individually on a yearly basis. Every year, the Army Corps of Engineers conducts a full inspection of the levee to ensure it is in good condition.

Along a 2.25 mile stretch of the levee is a walkway fully supplied with benches, trash receptacles, and lighting. A recreational pavilion with bath house and beach are located near the end of Vesper Street.

A canoe portage service is located near the dam so boaters may traverse to the river below the dam.

If you are interested in using the Levee’s William Clinger Memorial Riverwalk for a public fundraising event, please complete the Property/Park Use Form (this is an online, fillable pdf.  You can fill out the form online, print it, sign it, and submit to the city for processing).