Destination Lock Haven

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Destination Lock Haven was adopted on April 19, 2021 at the City of Lock Haven’s 2021 Comprehensive Plan. The plan outlines the community’s commitment to putting Lock Haven at the center of decision-making by capitalizing on the unique atmosphere of the City. Separated into two volumes, the plan identifies 18 priority goals and 60 action items that will be implemented over the next 10 years. These goals and action items were created with the help of members of the community who provided their input during the planning process.

Through various meetings with the community, stakeholders, and focus groups as well as other outlets such as a suggestion box, surveys, and mapping, Destination Lock Haven was formed. The community was able to comment on every aspect of the plan to ensure the true vision of the City came through. Throughout the entire planning process, more than 400 people were directly involved in meetings while countless others participated through the City’s Facebook group and YouTube page.

Public engagement, coupled with research on various aspects of the City, produced a final plan that puts Lock Haven at the center as a destination for all. The goals and action items are built around growing and supporting businesses, enhancing parks and reimagining outdoor spaces, connecting services to those who need it most, building a sustainable housing market, and creating a sustainable community for everyone to enjoy. Each goal has action items that may be implemented on a short-, mid-, or long-term timeline to accomplish that goal. We look forward to working with the community to implement these goals and making Lock Haven a destination for all.

Destination Lock Haven is separated into two (2) volumes. The first is the working plan that includes information about the history and exiting conditions of Lock Haven as well as special studies and priority goals and action items. The second volume has supporting information that takes a deeper dive into the planning process. This volume explains the results of each community engagement initiative and provides more information on the existing conditions of the City of Lock Haven.

The City of Lock Haven would like to thank everyone who was involved in creating Destination Lock Haven. This plan would have not been possible without the tremendous input from members of the community. Acknowledgements of community stakeholders, City Council and Planning Commission members, and the planning team are outlined in the plan.