Destination–Lock Haven

The City’s social and economic goals are established every ten years through the use of a Comprehensive Plan.

Through your input, the 2020 plan has been thoughtfully named…

Destination Lock Haven

The plan will provide goals and action items that help us make Lock Haven a destination for all!


The Destination Lock Haven team has generated a “no contact” review of the goals and objectives to be implemented as part of the City’ Comprehensive Plan, Destination Lock Haven. We compiled the information presented at our last community workshop into a Google Form for you to see the draft goals and objectives and provide your feedback. The goals are grouped into five (5) categories: Housing, Business, Service Providers, Recreation, and Community Improvements.

Please take a few moments to review these goals and objectives and provide your insight. You can find the form by following this link:


We have been hard at work updated the City’s Comprehensive Plan. So far, we have had the opportunity to interact with you in multiple ways including Public Education Sessions, a community survey, a virtual ‘town hall’ meeting, and various stakeholder meetings. The most recent outreach is the Interactive Comment Map!

The goal of the interactive map is to give you an opportunity to show us where you would like to see amenities, facility improvements, and community events throughout the City. The map allows you to pin-point comments related to Open Spaces and Gathering Areas, Community Gardens and Outdoor Markets, Beautification Projects and Natural Areas, and Walking/Biking Facilities and Connections. If you have an idea beyond these 4 categories, choose ‘Other’ and provide an explanation. To access the map, click the link below.

Lock Haven Comprehensive Plan Interactive Comment Map

We look forward to seeing all your great ideas fill the map! If you have any questions about the map, please contact Abigail Roberts, Planner & Development Coordinator, at or 570-893-5903.

City of Lock Haven Comprehensive Plan (2005)