Immediate Unity Profit

Environmental Stewardship

Water Use Conservation and Quality

  • Integrated Stormwater & Wastewater Planning Approach
    • Stormwater management (Chapter 22)
    • Wastewater Management (Chapter 18)
  • Water Conservation and Efficiency
  • Onsite stormwater management
  • Water and sewer user rates
  • Investments to water, sewer and stormwater infrastructure
  • Cooperative partners with water and sewer

Air Quality

  • PA State anti-idling law
  • Air pollution and emission reduction
  • Clean construction emission policy
  • Burn ban and outdoor wood-fired boiler operation
  • Reducing emission from vehicles

Green Infrastructure

  • Protected wetland and waterways
  • Conserving environmentally and ecologically sensitive places
  • Low impact and green development infrastructure
  • Tree and Woodland protection and management policies
  • Natural Resource Inventory
  • Sustainable landscape in parks and municipal grounds