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ABC Guidebook

The City of Lock Haven is challenging at least 24 city residents to contribute their expertise, techniques, know-how, processes, values, policies, data, skillsets, and experiences to continue an economic and cultural renaissance in our community.

According to City Manager Gregory Wilson, “a lot of residents don’t realize that many of the decisions made that have an impact on our community and its neighborhoods are not made by City Council, but by the residents appointed to the city’s authorities, boards, commissions, and committees (the ABCs) that interpret and enforce the city’s ordinances.”

According to Wilson, “Residents on the city’s ABCs are often the final decision-makers about outdoor recreation investments, the best use of property for development and new businesses, or even shape the vision for the city in 10 or 20 years.  Able to use city staff as a resource, the members of the city’s ABCs have a voice and a direct impact on the present and future of our community.”

This coming January, City Council will appoint up to 24 residents to positions on its authorities, boards, commissions, and committees.  These include residents who will have effect the city’s water and sewer operations, influence on city zoning laws, a voice in keeping the historic character of the community, and several seats on the city’s Planning Commission which has a direct impact on promoting residential quality of life and ensuring economic development.

“Many of the opportunities take no more than one hour a month,” said Wilson, “but the ability to help our community build on solutions found to be work in the past while we evolve and change over time is something residents have the ability to directly impact.”

Along with the Planning Commission, Council will be appointing residents to seats on the

  • Recreation & Parks Board
  • Zoning Hearing Board
  • Board of Health
  • Ross Library Board of Trustees
  • Code Enforcement Board of Appeals
  • Civil Service Commission
  • Lock Haven Area Flood Protection Authority
  • City Redevelopment Authority
  • Central Clinton County Water Filtration Authority
  • Lock Haven City Authority

To learn more about each authority, board, commission, and committee including regular meeting dates and to see where your experience can improve the Lock Haven community, check out our ABC Guidebook.  Residents interested in serving on any ABC are encouraged to submit a letter requesting appointment to the attention of the City Manager by December 22, 2023.  All applicants will be considered by City Council at its January 2024 organizational meeting.