Building & Construction

Cyndi Walker, Building Code Official:  (570) 893-5916

Health Officer:  (570) 893-5916

When applying for a building permit, please be advised that the following information will be required:

  1. Proof of Liability and Workers’ Compensation Insurance of the contractor.
  2. Construction documents (i.e. all construction details and written specifications of the work to be performed).
  3. A site plan indicating the location of new construction and its relationship to all affected property lines.

The absence of any of these three items will render the application for the building permit incomplete and it will not be processed until all necessary information has been submitted.

You will need your Clinton County Parcel Number for the property for which you are applying for a permit.  You can find that information online at the Clinton County GIS Department.

Residential Inspections:

All residential construction inspections are performed by the City Code Office, with the exception of electrical inspections. Electrical inspections are required and can be completed by any certified third party electrical inspector currently approved by the City of Lock Haven. It is the responsibility of the permit holder to contact the Code Office and schedule any necessary inspections during the course of construction and/or renovation. Please allow up to 48 hours for the scheduling of all inspections.

Commercial Plan Review & Inspections:

All commercial plan review and inspections of commercial projects are completed by Code Inspection agency who is contracted with the City of Lock Haven. Plans for commercial projects should be submitted to the Code Office at City Hall, who will then forward the plans to Code Inspection Agency. Please plan to allow up to two weeks for plan review. Once plan review is completed, the plans will be returned to the City Code Office who will in turn contact the developer and/or property owner. A building permit must then be applied and paid for at the City Code Office. Once the building permit has been issued, it will be the responsibility of the permit holder to contact Code Inspection Agency and schedule any necessary inspections.

Code Series:

For building, electrical and The City uses the 2018 International Code Series.