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2023 Water Emergency

Update 2/21/2024

Well Project Status Report

The Water System continues to be classified in “Drought Warning” by the DEP, and customers are being asked to continue reducing their individual water use by 10-15 percent, approximately 6-9 gallons per day.

The Water System serves Allison, Bald Eagle, Castanea, Colebrook, Dunnstable, Lamar, Wayne and Woodward, as well as Flemington, Mill Hall, and the city.

As a customer of the City of Lock Haven or the Suburban Lock Haven Water Authority, you are being notified that the water system that serves your community has declared a Stage II drought Emergency.  While both the city and Suburban have been asking customers to make 20% voluntary reductions in water use, the purpose of this webpage is to inform you that until further notice, the following non-essential uses of water are now prohibited:

  1. The use of hoses, sprinklers, or other means for sprinkling or watering of shrubbery, trees, lawns, grass, plants, vines, gardens, vegetables, flowers, or any other vegetation.
  2. The use of water for washing automobiles, trucks, trailers, trailer houses, or any other type of mobile equipment.
  3. The washing of streets, driveways, parking lots, service station aprons, office buildings, exteriors of homes, sidewalks, apartments, or other outdoor surfaces.
  4. The operation of any ornamental fountain or other structures making a similar use of water.
  5. The use of water for filling swimming or wading pools.
  6. The operation of any water-cooled comfort air-conditioning which does not have water-conserving equipment.
  7. The use of water from fire hydrants for construction purposes or fire drills.
  8. The use of water to flush a sewer line or sewer manhole.
  9. The use of water for commercial farms and nurseries other than a bare minimum to preserve plants, crops, and livestock.
  10. Bulk water sales for non-essential uses, including Marcellus Shale Drilling operations, will be terminated.

Local law enforcement officials will be requested to investigate violations, and violations may result in reduction of flow to the meter, termination of water service, and/or civil penalties under 35 Pa. C.S. 551-555, 751-754.


A water user believing that this prohibition will cause an extraordinary hardship wanting to be wholly or partially exempt from the mandatory restrictions may submit a written request with full documentation supporting the need for the requested relief to the public water supplier to which they pay their quarterly bill.  Please follow the directions for a waiver in the Drought Contingency Plan included on this webpage.

Some examples of voluntarily conserving water are avoiding letting faucets run, reducing showering times and frequency, using dishwashers or laundry appliances with full loads, avoiding watering landscapes, and avoiding washing vehicles. 

These temporary measures, as well as efforts to bring a supplemental source of water online, will help to ensure that essential water use can continue coupled with your voluntary efforts to reduce use. 

For continued updates, please check back to this page regularly.