Lock Haven City Authority

The Lock Haven City Authority was incorporated in 1952 and has a charter extending to 2057.  The initial project was the 1952 sewage treatment plant construction, and since 1961 has also maintained the dams and reservoirs that feed water services for city properties and those of neighboring communities.


In 2014, through the work of Working Woodland, the City Authority generated more than $63-thousand in the sale of Carbon Credits through Blue Source with the assistance of The Nature Conservancy.  The City Authority maintains the watershed that feeds the water supply of municipalities served by the city as well as by the Suburban Water Authority.  The City Authority is currently engaged in a long-term sustainable forest management plan for the watershed that has been recognized by the USDA as a model for others to follow (see page 15 of the Lands Conservation Strategy below).  As part of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, the City Authority is guided, in part, by


At present, a new sewage treatment plant is completed and being brought on-line.  This multi-year project will improve the environment while using new technology to monitor and maintain treatment.