Market on Main Street

The City of Lock Haven is excited to introduce the Market on Main Street, a weekly Farmer’s Market, part of the Downtown Pedestrian Mall!

Beginning July 25 and ending August 15, come on down to Main Street to purchase fresh local produce, from 10 a.m. until sold out (about noon). Debit and credit cards only–no cash.  

Please note:  Masks are required to shop at the Farmer’s Market.  If you are unable to wear a mask due to medical reasons, accommodations will be made for you.

Below are some of the offerings we will be providing this week:
(Prices and produce subject to change based on availability) 

Cauliflower$2.75 each
NEW Broccoli$2.75 each
NEW Asparagus$3.50 lb. bunch
NEW Lancaster whole tomatoes$.75 each
Cherry Tomatoes$3.00/pint
Snap Peas$3.00/quart
Zucchini 3 for $2.00
Yellow Squash3 for $2.00
Cucumbers$.50 each
Yellow Onions$1.00 each
Green Spring Onions$1.50/bunch
Corn from Leola, PA$3.50/half dozen
Watermelon (small)$5.00 each
Plums $3.00/quart
Cantaloupe$4.00 each