CDBG-CV Wave 1

The City of Lock Haven Planning Department has created an application to help quantify the needs of businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. These applications will support the allocation of CDBG-CV funds.

If funded, these grants will be used to assist businesses in the City. Please review the application in its entirety, ensure your business’s eligibility, and complete the application. The application can be returned to Abigail Roberts at by Thursday, June 11 at 5:00 PM. Questions can be directed to Abigail Roberts at 570=893-5903 or

CDBG-CV Application for Businesses

The City of Lock Haven will begin the public participation process on June 1, 2020 for the first wave of CDBG-CV funds in the amount of $186,556. The following CDBG-CV schedule was presented to City Council at their May 18, 2020 regular meeting.



May 18, 2020                         Application Short Sheets Available

May 21, 2020                         First Public Hearing Notice Publication Date

June 1, 2020                            First Public Hearing

June 4, 2020                            Final Public Hearing Notice Publication Date

June 6, 2020                            Deadline for Public Comments after First Public Hearing

June 8, 2020                            Work session with City Council 

June 15, 2020                          Final Public Hearing

June 20, 2020                          Deadline for Public Comments after Second Public Hearing

June 22, 2020                          Synopsis of Final Application Publication Date

July 20, 2020                          Final Application Approval by City Council (Resolution) 

July 31, 2020                         Deadline for submission of application to DCED

This page will be updated throughout the public process. Questions, comments, and public input can be directed to Abigail Roberts, Planner & Development Coordinator at 570-893-5903 or