The Finance Department is administered by the City Manager in conjunction with City Treasurer Paula Dickey and City Controller Sharon Suter.  Information about city budgets and city audits can be found on our Financial Administration page.

This department provides a wide variety of services for the City. Among the most visible to local businesses are the billing and collection of property and occupational privilege taxes, mercantile/business privilege taxes, license fees and water and sewer rents. All funds collected by the police and through airport operations also flow through this office.

All invoices generated during the daily operation of the city are paid through this office and are appropriately charged off to the correct department by Barbara Waterman, Assistant Treasurer.

Wenda Butler is the City’s Payroll Clerk as well as the LST Processor. If you have LST Tax questions please call Wenda at 570-893-5621 or contact her via email.

LOCAL SERVICE TAX FORMS are available online.

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